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Wort Chiller, Immersion Type, For Home Brewing and Distilling, 3/8" by 25' SS304

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Still using an ice bath to cool your wort down? Stop wasting your time and take a look at our Stainless Steel Immersion-Type Wort Chiller!
Wort chillers are a must for the home distiller or brewer, as it is very important to chill your wort below 80° as quickly as possible. This reduces the possibility of your wort being contaminated by bacteria. 
Here are a few advantages to using an immersion type wort chiller:
  • Because you are immersing it directly into boiling hot water, there is no need to sanitize. The heat immediately kills any bacteria on the chiller. Just give it a thorough rinse with hot water when you are done and you are good to go.
  • With the exception of a faucet adapter (if you are attaching to your kitchen sink), or a garden hose adapter (if you are attaching to your garden hose), 2 Auto Clamps (included with purchase) are the only special connections you will need.
  • Much less water consumption then when using an ice bath.
  • Helps produce clearer product because it helps facilitate a cold break.
Using an immersion type wort chiller is very simple! As the name implies, you immerse the chiller directly into the wort. Attach the chiller to your garden hose or kitchen faucet (requires a faucet adapter), then run cold water through the wort chiller. Depending on the temperature of your ground water, your wort can be at pitching temperature in as little as 15 minutes!
The wort chiller is 9" in diameter, and 15" tall from bottom to top.

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Scott W.
Looks good, sturdy

I've just received it, I need to go get the hoses to hook it up. It looks good. The SS in sturdy, it should last a lifetime.

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