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"My wife and I are actively avoiding retirement by starting up a micro-distillery in Lilburn, Georgia. I began our journey by applying 40 plus years of experience as an Industrial Manufacturing Engineer in conducting a thorough international search for the equipment that would best fit our requirements. We were looking for a “Swiss Army Knife, do anything” system, and I was off and running. I evaluated 12 different suppliers, from budget to big bucks, and repeatedly kept returning to Affordable Distillery Equipment. One of their secrets is the office staff – bless “patience of a Saint” Susan for putting up with my dumb questions, always answered, cheerfully and promptly. She and Paul were always there to show us “newbies” the way, as was Micah, the seemingly super-human guy that delivered and set up our equipment for us.
If anyone is in our neck of the Atlanta suburban woods, please do contact us to make sure we’ll be around, and drop by – we’ll be happy to show off our place, featuring our 300 gallon Ultra Pro Vodka still, fermenters, mix tank, mash pump and steam boiler, all thanks to Affordable Distillery Equipment. Great prices, shortest lead times anywhere, beautiful stuff, outstanding support."
- Paul Allen, Hope Springs Distillery
“When we started the plan of Black Dog Distillery, we reached out to several still manufacturers and suppliers. ADE and their team took the time we needed to help us understand our options. Not just for today but where we might go in the future. Fast forward a year and half later, we are open and operational. The equipment has been performing and producing award winning Vodka and Rum.”
-Keith Moore, Black Dog Distillery.

"Paul and Susan at Affordable Distillery Equipment are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to making purchases. They provided us with all the specifications for our equipment so that we could purchase the appropriate boiler and pre-organize all our electrical, steam and plumbing trades. This allowed us to have our entire facility up and running in only 5 months. We found both their price quotes and their delivery times unmatched in the research we did on distillery equipment manufacturers. We are happy with the quality and have an on-going relationship with them for our other equipment needs. We highly recommend their products and invite anyone interested in seeing samples of their equipment to come to our distillery to check it out first hand."

- Geoff Stewart Big Rig Craft Distillery Ltd.

 "Hi Paul, just want to toss you a testimonial about your build quality.   I purchased your 5 gallon still with 2" whiskey column.   Works beautifully and looks amazing to boot.  Today i had my first catastrophe....i use a lab grade hot plate for heat and have to balance it perfectly or else i can end up in trouble with it sliding off.   It also sits about 4' high on my work bench. i was setting it up to distill water. ...had 5 gallons of water in it and all hooked up...and i let my guard down and it fell. ...all the way to the concrete floor.   Lid partially unlatched, thermometer attachment bent and big dent in base of milk can....but,  No Leaks!!  I am so impressed with construction! All welds held and everything functions...thank you for providing a product that is stronger than my foolishness!!  I highly recommend your equipment to anyone and everyone looking for top of the line quality and construction!   I now have a couple blocks to prevent a repeat until i get a nice steel plate to expand size of my hot plate.  Take care sir!"
- Kipp