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100 Gallon Jacketed, Steam Heated, Pro Series Whiskey Still

  • $ 20,621.02

The still pictured is one of our 100 gallon Jacketed, Steam Heated, Pro Series Whiskey Stills. This Still comes standard with our 8" 4 plate Bubble Plate Column. This column will produce up to 160 proof in one run. The Dephlegmator (Pre-Condenser) can be turned off, and the Plate Drain Valves of the Whiskey Column can be opened so that the still can be ran in Pot Still Mode. Any individual Plate drain Valve, or any combination of Plate Drain Valves, can be ran closed or open to obtain different proofs and flavor profiles. If you want, you can do stripping runs in Pot Still Mode and then do Spirit Runs with the Plate Drain Valves closed. This 100 Gallon Whiskey Still can be heated by a Low Pressure Steam Boiler, or by a Bain Marie style self contained jacketed heating system (please see the options below and the second picture, which also has a gin basket). This 100 gallon Still is 9' 10" tall but it can be scaled down to 7' 10" tall. The width of the Still including the condenser is 12'. This Still is great for producing: Whiskey, Bourbon, Moonshine and Brandy. The 4 Plate Copper Whiskey Column will give you higher proofs and smoother spirits than the Pro Series Pot Still.

This 100 gallon Still comes Standard with:

  • 100 Gallon Operating Capacity 304SS Stainless Steel Boiler
  • 120 Gallon Actual Capacity
  • 1hp 230vac 3 phase 0 rpm to 45 rpm Variable Speed Agitator:
  • 12" Clamp Down Manway
  • 4" Sight Glass in the Manway
  • 5 PSI Pressure Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler
  • 5 PSI Vacuum Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler
  • 15 PSI ASME Pressure Relief Valve On the Jacket
  • 15 PSI Steam Jacket
  • Insulation Jacket
  • 4" Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve on the drain
  • 8" Diameter Whiskey Column with 4 Bubble Plates
  • 8" Diameter Tube & Shell Dephlegmator
  • (4) 4" Sight Glasses in the Column
  • 4 CIP Spray Balls in the Column (1 above each plate)
  • 4 Plate Drain Valves
  • 4" Face Thermometer above the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column
  • 4" Face Thermometer below the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column
  • 2 CIP Spray Balls in the Boiler
  • 4" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer in the Column
  • 3" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer on the inner Boiler
  • 8"x36" Tube and Shell Condenser
  • Stainless Parrot's Beak
  • Bolt to the Floor Stainless Table Stand or Stainless Column Stand for the Condenser, You Pick.
  • 9'10" Overall Height
  • Mirror Polish on Copper and Stainless
  • Inner Boiler has a Mirror Polish
  • Regular Price: $20,621.02

1/3 Payment due when equipment is ordered.
1/3 Payment due when equipment is completed.
1/3 Payment plus shipping due when equipment is ready to ship.


  • Bain Marie Style 22,000 Watt Electric Oil Bath Heating System with Controller $7,941.10

  • Upgrade to an 16" Manway: $509.25

  • Extra Thermowell in the Column for a Temperature Probe: $83.80
  • CIP System with Plumbing and Pump: $3,432.16
  • Low Profile 7'10" Overall Height: $2,235.77
  • Gin Basket just before the Primary Condenser: $3,568.29

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