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Fermentis Safspirit Grain Distillers Yeast 500 gm

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Fermentis Safspirit Grain Yeast, 500g
Pitch Rate: 25 - 50 gm / HL mash Fermentation Temp: 15-32 deg C (59-89.6 F)
First to produce true, dry, lager beer yeast in the late 1990's, Fermentis is the sole supplier of 10 different dry brewing yeast strains allowing brewers to brew a variety of beers. Easy to use, the entire range complies with the strictest manufacturing standards and has assured microbiological specifications.
Each strain is produced in cutting edge propagation facilities and then carefully dehydrated to preserve its unique characteristics. Dry yeasts are easy to use and can be stored for up to two years in optimal condition without significant loss in viability.
Because the versatile line of Fermentis dry yeasts offers professional performance without special care in storage or use, they are ideal products for home fermentation.
Packaging may be different to that pictured due to changes by supplier but it will still be the same product.

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