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5 Gallon Still with 2" Copper Whiskey Column, Moonshine Still, Whiskey Still

5 Gallon Still with 2" Copper Whiskey Column, Moonshine Still, Whiskey Still

  • $ 370.80

This 5 gallon still is made with high grade, polished stainless steel. This still has a 2" Copper Whiskey Column. The boiler stands at 17 1/2" tall and 12 5/8" in diameter. The bottom of the boiler is flat and recessed.
This Still Comes with:
  • Carrying handles
  • Top quality construction with beautifully rounded curves
  • Built from heavy gauge 304 food grade stainless steel
  • Polished to a mirror finish inside and out
  • Commercial Grade Thermometer with a 3" face
  • 2" Copper Whiskey Column
The 24 gauge copper stills that you see elsewhere on the internet are so thin that you can take your hands and crush them like a huge beer can. If you flip a 24 gauge copper still with your thumb and fore finger it will make a dent. If you punch this stainless milk can boiler with your fist, you might break your fist but there won't be a dent.
This item comes with a 1 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and leaks.
These products may not be legal to operate in some areas. Affordable Distillery Equipment, LLC strongly discourages any unlawful use of these products, and is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the use or unlawful use of these products. Any person or entity that uses information or equipment provided by Affordable Distillery Equipment, LLC does so entirely at their own risk and accepts all liability concerning the use of the aforementioned equipment and information. 
Built to Last!
Hand it Down to Future Generations!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good little pot still

I bought this 5 gal still a couple years ago and it is still performing flawlessly. In hind sight, I should have gotten a 13+ gallon model because 5 gal gives you about a quart of usable product (which doesn't last long). Thus I am distilling much more often. Spend the extra $$, get a larger boiler.

Good quality

I ordered this when I get fed up with the cheap one I originally purchased from another website. So far it has worked smoothly and produced a nice product. The materials are way better than the one I previously used. I would probably buy the 8 gallon if I had it to do over again.

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